Belaya Kalitva Map - Satellite Image of Belaya Kalitva

Welcome to Belaya Kalitva City ! This place is situated in Rostovskaya Oblast’,its population is about 48098 peoples.The latitude of Belaya Kalitva City are 48.185853, and Longitude are 40.774244.The Platov International Airport is the primary international airport located in "cт, Grushevskaya, Rostovskaya oblast', Russia, 346714". It is the busiest international air passenger gateway in Russia.

Airports in Belaya Kalitva :

Airports Location State
Platov International Airport cт, Grushevskaya, Rostovskaya oblast', Russia, 346714 Rostovskaya Oblast’
Aerodrom Shakhty Shakhty, Rostov Oblast, Russia, 346523 Rostovskaya Oblast’


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